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About Laurie

Laurie is a well-respected Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) with over fifteen years of experience working with older adults.

Read more about Laurie and learn what makes her passionate.
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Reverse Mortgages have evolved over the past two decades. What was once thought of as a last resort, desperate way to have money during retirement, has now become a viable and trusted program to help seniors maximize their financial assets during retirement.

Learn about the FHA insured Reverse Mortgage programs we offer.
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Help Your Aging Parents

So many adults are considered the "Sandwich Generation" - caught between raising your own kids, and caring for aging parents. It can be tough, both emotionally, and financially.

A Reverse Mortgage can give your parents the ability to hire help, pay for in-home care, and other things to help them stay more independent. 

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For Realtors

Perhaps as a Realtor, you think that Reverse Mortgage is counter-productive. After all, your career is built on people buying and selling homes, NOT staying in their current home.

However, with the HECM for Purchase, you have an opportunity to work with Seniors who might otherwise never sell or buy.
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Financial Planners

Gone are the days in which Financial Planners steer their clients away from Reverse Mortgages. 

Today, savvy Financial Planners understand how these safe loan programs can expand and extend their clients' financial resources during retirement.
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Need More Info?

If you're not familiar with Reverse Mortgages, then naturally, you're going to have questions.

Laurie is happy to answer your questions in person or on the phone. Or, if you want a good place to start, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
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